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Every Wednesday 
May to October,
3 pm to 7pm

(Rain or Shine)*
Check out the new, low rates for spot rental.

*South Janesville Farm Market cancellations (e.g. severe weather, no vendors, etc.) will be announced on the South Janesville Farmers Market Facebook Page and by email (if we have your email address)-- sjfarmmarket@gmail.com

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Welcome to the South Janesville Farmer's Market Website
This website it under construction, so check back often for new information!

Directions to South Janesville Farmers Market
at Peace Lutheran Church (Map Page)

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 Peace Evangelical Lutheran Church Website 
For questions, see below, or contact:
Jeff Bowen,
SJFM Manager
608-669-2661 Cell / Text


1.  Spot Fees (no charge for parking; parking available on the lawn at or near your booth or on the street) *
A. Seasonal (May 1, 2019 to October 30, 2019) $54. (27 weeks) per 15' x 15' stall payable in advance at time of stall(s) reservation.
B.  Partial Seasonal (8 consecutive weeks of your choice) $16. (8 weeks) per 15' x 15' stall payable in advance at time of stall(s) reservation. 
C.  Daily (indicate date(s) if known-- non binding) $2. per 15' x 15' stall, payable in advance, or on the day of the farmers market. 
* Spot Fees for 2019 reflect the estimated fees needed to cover all anticipated 2019 expenses, payable as indicated above (make checks payable to: “Peace Lutheran Church SJFM”).  Spot fees will only be used to pay for expenses directly related to the South Janesville Farmers Market (Market served by volunteers only; no paid event staff), and will not be used to support unrelated church activities.  Expect the spot fee to be adjusted up or down, as needed (typically prior to May) to cover actual and anticipated annual farmers market expenses.  Church funds will not be used to support the farmers market.  SJFM Income and Expense Reports available upon request.  The account will also be subject to an annual, independent church audit (as all our current church accounts are).  In the event of South Janesville Farmers Market termination, all remaining funds will be donated to Janesville Farmers Market, Inc. (the Saturday Janesville Farmers Market).
2. Questions?? Contact Market Manager Jeff Bowen, 608-669-2661 (Cell / Text)
3.  Easy application process for 2019 Janesville [Saturday] Farmers Market (JFM) participants:   
  • Simply photocopy or scan, and submit your 2018 or 2019 [Saturday] Janesville Farmers Market, Inc. (JFM) application & supporting documents, along with Page #4 only (last page) of your [signed] SJFM Application.
  • Submit also your signed "SJFM Hold Harmless Form". 
  • Be sure to tell us your preferred spot location by number (see website) and preferred participation level (e.g. Seasonal, Partial Seasonal, or Daily).  
  • Spots will be allotted on a first come, first served basis (once all necessary paperwork and payment are received), and prioritized as follows (Seasonal Vendors needing electricity will have priority access to spots closest to the church parking lot): 

o  Seasonal Vendors

o  Partial Seasonal Vendors

o  Daily Vendors

  • Review the "SJFM Policy, Procedures and Rules" (a slightly modified version of the JFM document; changes underlined).  Note especially, that pets WILL BE permitted at the SJFM.
  • Continue to check www.peacejanesville.com/market for information and updates.

Please mail completed application and supporting materials to:

South Janesville Farmers Market

C/O Peace Lutheran Church

1550 S. Osborne Ave.

Janesville, WI 53546-5435

or send these as email attachments to:  sjfarmmarket@gmail.com

Click    HERE   to Download South Janesville Farmers Market Documents (opens in a new window)


Rough plan of the South Janesville Farmer's Market

Approximate Vendor areas Marked in Blue


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