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Streaming WELS Services
St. John's Sleepy Eye Minnesota
LIVE VIDEO STREAMING ONLY* Services at Sleepy Eye are Live only; that is, you must turn on your computer at either 8 a.m or 10:30 a.m. (central time) to attend the service, and you must separately download the bulletin and refer to your own hymnal for words to hymns

Christ Our Redeemer Lutheran Church, Colorado
  •  Live or Recorded services streamed but very slow on the recorded page, as several services all load simultaniously. OK if you have fast internet. 
  • You have to download service folder & use hymnal
Good Shepherd Evangelical Lutheran Church, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
 *Live Streaming OR Archived Streaming* Features:
  • Live at Thursday at 7 pm or Sunday at 9 am OR
  • Streaming of last recorded service-Watch and participate in entire service whenever you are able
  • Slides on your screen of Hymns & relevant prayers & liturgy-no need to get your hymnal
  • Most user freindly link
St. Paul Fort Atkinson
Live or Previously recorded services- available 24 hours a day. Good image quality and smooth delivery. 

Also available on Charter On demand.

Most hymns and liturgy projected on the screen - little need for your hymnal.
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