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Does this print Seem too small?
Does this Print Seem too Small? 

If you are having trouble reading type or graphics on our website, we may be able to help.  

WEBSITE: To zoom closer, hold down your Left <Ctrl> key and roll your mouse scroll-wheel (between the two buttons) towards the computer.  Roll it away from the computer if its too big.

WEB Pictures: Our web picture like the "Week at Peace" and the monthly calendar are larger than they appear on the web page.  Put your mouse cursor (arrow) over the image you want to see.  Right-click (click the right-hand button) and choose "Open image in new tab."  When the new tab opens with the image, your cursor should be a magnifying glass.  Left click once, and it should be very large. 

PDFs read in Adobe Acrobat (Newsletters,  bulletins and the like.) Click on the "Percent" meter to increase or decrease the size (see below)

If you really have trouble reading PDF documents, you can have Adobe Acrobat Read to you. See below:
Thank you! 

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