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What We Believe

We believe, teach, and confess according to scripture:

  • that the Bible is God's inspired and inerrant Word to us, His human creation
  • that we humans have fallen into sin and error
  • that holy God cannot ignore sin, but must justly punish it
  • that in His unearnable love, God sent His eternal Son, Jesus Christ, to become our perfect substitute and absorb our divine penalty
  • that Jesus Christ, true God & true Man, suffered and died on the cross for us on Good Friday to pay the divine and eternal curse of our sins
  • that Jesus rose from the grave on Easter to seal His victory over sin, death, & the Devil for us.  He wants us to share with you & all people what this tremendous sacrifice & victory mean for your relationship to God & your eternity after death
  • that complete forgiveness, salvation, & heaven become our personal inheritance through faith in Jesus' redeeming work
  • that this "great exchange" is the only way to heaven

We also believe that our struggles on earth are avenues by which God...
  • turns our attention HIS way
  • reminds us of our human weakness and our need for Him interacting fully in our lives
  • refocuses our priorities onto matters HE considers crucial for us, His creation
  • drives us into His Bible for guidance & strength
  • keeps our goals & pursuits in this life oriented towards HIM, towards HIS will, and towards HIS eternal salvation for us

Our teachings, worship & ministry are built on the Bible and only the Bible.  We do not claim another source or foundation for our beliefs.

We emphasize the forgiving love of God shown to us in the sacrificial death & resurrection of His eternal Son, Jesus Christ, for ALL our sins & errors.

Our idea of "church" is a family of Christians growing together in their understanding of God and of life (through the Bible), supporting each other in God's saving love, and celebrating God's mercy & glory now, with a sure & clear vision of rejoicing in His mercy & glory forever in heaven.

For a deeper explanation of what we beleive, please read "This We Believe" from the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod. 



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