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Worship & Communion 

As a "liturgical" church, we have a consistent order (with variations) to our worship that is intended to involve our worshipers throughout the service in meaningful and Biblical worship.

We make us of symbols, colors, procedures, and a "seasonal" church year in order to bring dignity, learning, confession, rejoicing, teaching, and comfort through worship.

Worship is not, for us, a time of entertainment but a time of active participation and contemplation together on God's truths as a family of faith.

As a visitor, participate only as you feel comfortable.  An usher or member sitting near you can help you with any questions you might have.  Do not feel obligated to place any money in the Offering Plate; it is the responsibility of our members to support our church and to do so with thankful hearts to our Savior-God and for His Kingdom's work on earth.

Finally, as a "sacramental" church, we believe that in Baptism & the Lord's Supper God comes to us with the assurance of complete forgiveness in very tangible means.  The Lord's Supper is, additionally, a special way we express our unity of belief and conviction to Scripture's doctrines as a spiritual family.  Thus, those partaking of it first go through a series of classes, based on an overview of the Bible's chief teachings (as outlined in Martin Luther's Catechism), and become "confirmed" in the faith.  We call this "close communion."  Feel free to speak with the Pastor as to what the series of classes involve.

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